Welcome to Jenna Skates, a website designed to help Jenna’s family, friends and fans follow her accomplishments in skating and life. It is Jenna’s desire to take her natural talent, that has been nurtured through diligent training and study, and pursue it to the Winter Olympics.

As you can imagine such a lofty goal can only be achieved through a strong work ethic, valued spirit, supporting family and a strong community. All things Jenna knows through her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Christian Jenna Skates with the mindset:

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Colossians 3:17

We hope that this website will help inspire you to look for your dream, set a path to achieve it and then look to the Lord for His support and wisdom in your accomplishments.

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Jenna has been skating for five years. From the first lesson Jenna showed uncanny balance and poise for her age and skill level. What started out as an amusing hobby has developed into a significant opportunity to translate her natural talent to a larger arena. Over the last year she has moved up three levels in her classes and training, which is a credit to her rapid progress and development; however, it also creates a financial challenge.

With the increase of her skill level, so increases the amount of money that it takes to pursue this dream. What started out as a $20 a week childhood fantasy has developed into an investment in her future. The additional training and ice time that it takes to continue her journey towards the Olympics continues to rise; now totaling over $400 per week.

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About Jenna
(a Mother’s perspective)

Jenna is a fun, loving, sweet little girl with great drive and ambition. She ice skates, plays the piano, the ukulele and she sings.

She enjoys to have fun with her friends, family and pets!! She is also very creative. She makes clothes for her American doll out of scraps of material, snowflakes out of paper, bracelets out of rubber bands and; is even trying to perfect slime (I know right!)

Jenna used to be very shy, so shy that she would hide behind me when someone tried to say hi to her. (Even when this someone was someone she saw three times a week at church!) Skating brought this out of her; well, skating and hanging around her brothers…

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